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 since 29.Mar.1998


Welcome to Mushima branch school !


Our school is in a very small island .

There are three students and six teachers

 in our school.






Message Board( Please write your message)

What is in our future?

Students wrote their opinion about the future. 


The school Life
We received a E-mail from France.
We want to know a school life in your country. 

Japanese holidays and Festivals 

Students wrote about some Festivals. Please let us know your countries holidays and Festivals. 






Message board

Exchange Project

The study of English 

Self Expression 

What is in our future?

The school life

Festivals and Holidays

Introduction of  Mushima island.

Life in Mushima

The facilities of travel to Mushima


Introduction of our school

Life in Mushima brunch school

Self Introduction


Students wrote about school Events 

  Schedule and subject
  Holidays and school   

  Daily life



Japanese culture

Festivals and holidays 


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